Help Wanted: Manga Translator and Raw Cleaner

September 29, 2011

We’re going to jump in to the world of manga translation and we need your help! Who came up with this bright idea? Our editor who just went to Japan (living the dream, etc.). He saw this manga, liked it and he wants to scanlate it. But we need people who are experts on scanlation.

TITLE: 九月病 上 (Kugatsubyou)


“A guy was about to get married, but his wife-to-be eloped with her former lover. Enraged, he got home and screwed her sister, who has a crush on him. Fun ensues.”

LENGTH: Two volumes

Romantic comedy it ain’t. The story is very heavy on the drama, and… it’s NOT yuri. So… Are you interested? We need an experienced manga translator and a raw cleaner (clean the raws when needed and put in the translations on the pages). For more information, email us @ shin.gx.fansubs@gmail.com


We’re not entirely certain this manga was translated or not. If it is… damn…

SHiN-gx Fansubs



  1. ” Screwed his sister”.Man japanese manga writers sure are retards when writing romantic series, not caring for relationships at all.

  2. it says “her sister”? Which WOULD have been his sister-in-law.

  3. well, if you want, i can clean the pages.



  4. Normally a cleaner doesn’t fill in the bubbles. Just level the blacks and white, contrast and re-draw and fixes grays where needed, A different position (Typesetter) is the one that inserts the text and finds corresponding fonts for different voice tones. (like a sudden cry of: Nooo!!)

  5. @Everyone:

    Thanks for the replies, fellas. Right now, though… We don’t have a translator for this, so I can’t start hiring you guys.

  6. I’ve been working on my Japanese for a while now and have been looking for a place to start doing some translations. This manga sounds funny and a good simple one to start. I’m pretty confident I would be able to handle this, maybe send me the material and I’ll give it a shot

  7. i think I can help just how do I do these.

  8. can do both ,cleaning &translating as needed.

  9. Hi im very interested in helping I am currently in my second year of studying and am able to translate different mangas I also know the cultural slang please let me know I would love to be apart of this opportunity

  10. If you guys are still interested, I can give you some of my previous work to look over, and see where it goes from there.
    I have studying Japanese for about 4/5 years now; any help I can provide, I will do so.

  11. >This summary
    Raws where.

  12. Are you guys still doing this manga??

    I can see many people have applied for all the positions you need, but you still haven’t replied or posted anything about it. I have been visiting your website daily to see if you are still doing it or not. The suspense is killing me.

    *patiently waiting*

  13. @Patience is a Virtue:

    Oh, these guys? Don’t worry, we emailed everyone. We got lots of email from potential helpers, but we will only move once we find the right people and certain we’re ready.

  14. @SHIN-gx:

    Thanks for the quick update!
    Will be waiting for you guys 🙂

  15. I could help with cleaning up the raws, cause I have SAI, but I don’t have anything for typesetting.
    I could help with other series too if necessary if I’m too late for this project

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