Morita-san wa Mukuchi episode 12 is OUT!!!

September 25, 2011

And here is the fina– Wait, the show is not yet over! Yeah, Morita-san wa Mukuchi is apparently more than 12 episodes and it’s a good thing, too. This episode, although okay, is not a good to close the anime. Episode 12 focuses more on Mayu’s family.

For some other news, we’re now working on the Morita-san OVA. We just got the script the other day. So… yeah!



Morita-san wa Mukuchi [TV][720p] (h.264+softsubs)
Morita-san wa Mukuchi [TV][480p] (XviD+hardsubs)


Morita-san wa Mukuchi (h.264+softsubs)
Morita-san wa Mukuchi (XviD+hardsubs)


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The jolly crew of SHiN-gx Fansubs



  1. Thanks!

    Cute episode.

  2. what a cute little show and oh my god, she actually said something, what a tweest

    also looking forward to the ova

  3. It might just be “bad” as a final episode, because it isn’t meant to be one.
    13 Episode 13 5m 28.09.2011 is probably the last from season 1. The new seasons mostly start in October. (And I think this episode was listed before the season 2 announcement came, but anidb doesn’t list season 2 as season 2, so I can’t confirm that)

    Try to find out if ep13 is from season 1, before you release a s1 batch. 🙂 (If you release one of course)

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