Aoi Hana 02 is OUT!!!

July 18, 2009

Aoi Hana_02Uh… right… Dunno what she’s talking about and don’t ask…

Here is episode 2! One week delay isn’t so bad, right? Anyways, we’re happy to present to you Aoi Hana episode 2 with English subtitles that are actually in English for once! There are some new changes in episode 2. We replaced the fonts for the dialogue and OP and ED. We’ll release a version 2 of Aoi Hana episode 1 soon.

Oh yeah, if you’re interested who are the staff members who participated in Aoi Hana, you can see their names in the sponsor section (after the opening theme) of the episode. I think it’s better to put our names there rather than in the OP or ED.


Click HERE for the batch torrents.

Thank you for waiting, enjoy and please seed as much as you can! Juuden-chan 3 is next in line!

The jolly crew of SHiN-gx Fansubs


If you find our joke teaser shots for Aoi Hana a bit offensive, please leave a comment and we’ll stop doing that in the future episodes. – SHiN



  1. Offensive? Na, they’re funny. Anyways, thanks for the release. Keep it up!

  2. wah!!

    nice job. though i will say that i think i might actually go with yuurisan for this series.

  3. Ya thanks!
    But im still w8in’ for subs for EX2 Candy Boy D:
    Wish i could understood whole jap in there lawl

  4. They are absolutely hilarious and they fit with the pictures–don’t change a thing! I look forward to those little edits you make to the screencaps!

  5. DDL soon please!

  6. well, some users like these jokes and others don’t. Personally I’m liking it. though if it’s offensive we can always switch to just puns I suppose. or other random but interesting ss-es.

  7. Nah, these are nice. Go on with em.

  8. Bonjour!
    Thanks for the release 🙂 Just a question (my english is not perfect, sorry) : what is the difference between softsubs and hardsubs? Those the hardsubs make reference to the hilarious subbing in the screenshots?

    It means that the episodes are also available with a completely different, burlesque subtitles?If so, I don’t know how to download them because the link is inactive.

    Thanks for your response and keep going with your good job!

  9. @Anthy:

    Where are the inactive links?

    Hardsubs are subtitles which are encoded to the video. Meaning, you can’t modify it or turn it off like in DVDs. It’s stuck there, permanently. Hardsubbed anime are in containers like AVI and MP4

    Softsubs are subtitles which can be modified and you can turn it on or off. That’s the beauty of softsubs, you want to take a screenshot or make an animated GIF without the subtitles? Turn it off and take the shot! Want to enjoy the beautiful opening and ending themes without the annoying text? Go ahead, you can turn it off! Softsubs are in containers like MKV and OGM.

    Our releases have two versions. The hardsubbed version and the softsubbed version. Nothing in the MKV version is hardsubbed except our logo.

    And no, it’s not a different or burlesque version of the original translation. =P

  10. Thanks for the explanation!

    And I should have realized that it takes time to subtitle the episodes…So having each episode translated in 2 versions is not quite possible…silly me (-_-)

    Anyway please go on with those jokes, this is REALLY funny!

  11. i am not sure if it is just me or not but there are times where the subs jump up above the screen and i can’t read them. not sure if it is just me or if it is like that for everyone. i have the softsubs 720p mkv.

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